The American University in Cairo

With a campaign that straddled three continents and four cultures, AUC needed to make the case not for the university’s need, but for an ambitious shared vision of what higher education can and must offer to Egypt and the Middle East—Better thinkers: Better futures.

The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris didn’t just need more students. It needed the right students—adventurous young people the world over, ready to join a multi-national student body, experience an “American-style” education, and explore one of the world’s most iconic, culturally influential cities.

The Archer School for Girls

Archer, young and accomplished but still often overlooked in L.A., needed to compete based on its own strengths. “What if,” we asked, Archer could establish an altogether new axis on which the school could stand out in the competitive L.A. market?

Armstrong Atlantic State University

To attract new interest from within and beyond Savannah, Armstrong needed a message that grew from, rather than ignored, its deep local roots, showcasing the university’s position as a center for Savannah’s economic, scientific, cultural, and civic vibrancy.

California Western School of Law

CRANE helped California Western learn to disregard the treacherous law school rankings game. Instead, we invited prospects into a more nuanced dialogue, asking them to consider the law and law school in the widest possible sense.

Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

The time had come for the world’s largest Gothic cathedral to remind New Yorkers and visitors from around the world: The Cathedral is more than a building. It’s also a Conversation. And you are more than a body. You are also a Spirit. You are a traveler. You are also a Pilgrim. You are you and also You.

Earlham School of Religion

Earlham turned to CRANE to help conduct a far-reaching conversation about Quakerdom’s future. The book Among Friends, published excerpts of our report, ultimately served as a springboard for a national discussion and the foundation for a five-year strategic plan.

The Galloway School

Mr. Galloway said, “Ours is a constantly changing approach to education.” Did this mean “the Galloway Way” couldn’t be definitively explained? CRANE helped draw an important distinction: Rather than starting at how, the better question for Galloway people to answer was “Why?”

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern had long battled for recognition against forces much larger than itself. When the university asserted its uniqueness, instead of its relative merits, Georgia Southern became the first-choice option for its best-fit students.

Georgia Civil Justice Foundation

To help the Georgia Civil Justice Foundation shun negative ideological frames and claim positive new rhetorical territory, CRANE developed a values-based narrative that evokes a foundational American ideal: fair play.

Messiah College

Reclaiming this college’s founding values meant embracing tension—not the tension that strains and stresses, but the kind of positive tension that holds together the disparate parts of a balanced whole: Faith/Intellect, Discipline/Imagination, Wisdom/Experience, Discovery/Belief, Home/Journey, Work/Play.

Preservation League of New York State

To help the Preservation League speak out both for itself and for the state’s threatened historic sites, CRANE literally “gave voice” to the endangered landscapes and buildings of New York.

Portsmouth Abbey School

Portsmouth Abbey needed to learn how to leverage its rich legacy, to invite students to take root in a centuries-old tradition—a way of thinking, living, acting, and treating one another—with implications far greater than superficial comparison can show.

Reed College

Anticipating an ambitious 100th-anniversary campaign for endowment funds, Reed College wondered how to appeal to their fiercely intellectual and perennially critical alumni. The CRANE recommendation: counter sentimental fundraising traditions and highlight what most “Reedies” prize most about their Reed experience: learning to think critically—to REASON.

Schools of The Sacred Heart San Francisco

Four seemingly separate entities, Convent & Stuart Hall Elementary & High Schools (for girls and boys), needed to remember that more than a shared budget held them together. These schools also shared the timeless Sacred Heart educational philosophy.

The Seven Hills School, development

The charts and graphs of a traditional case statement weren’t enough to inspire the generosity of this vibrant and emotive community. By turning every message into a direct, resonant benefit statement, we helped Seven Hills reach their campaign goal ahead of schedule.

State Bar of Georgia

The State Bar of Georgia wanted to elevate citizen appreciation of jury service and educate Georgia school children about our government’s third branch. Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Samuel A. Alito, Jr. helped CRANE do both in two widely used films.

State Bar of Texas

Horse-race-style coverage, not character assessment or issues analysis, was clouding the higher principles in Texas judicial elections. Through films, media, and a public education initiative, the State Bar sought to turn the partisan debate into a positive statewide dialogue about essential founding values: Let’s do justice for Texas.

Temple University

Temple needed to better frame its relationship with the students it really serves best. So we uncovered the Temple Constant: It’s a reciprocal relationship. Temple meets action-oriented students where they are, and supports their hard work with access to life- and career-changing opportunities.

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama suffered from a dismaying array of graphic styles from every division, department, and special-interest group. An award-winning, versatile, and comprehensive CRANE identity system brought coherence in 1999 and still distinguishes the university today.

Westtown School

Instead of scrambling to adapt to the escalating demands of its existing market, Westtown shifted its focus to what really matters most—the spirited Quaker education the school has provided since 1799—and attracted new best-fit families nationwide.

Woodward Academy

A century of shifting demographics left Atlanta’s oldest and largest independent school nearly an hour’s drive from its primary market. With more accessible, pedigreed schools abounding, Woodward started looking like a fringe option. The task: show Atlanta families that “the sure thing” in the 21st century isn’t about convenience and prestige.

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